We have a dishwasher!

We have a dishwasher!

We’ve never had a dishwasher.  We’ve never had the joy of stacking dirty crockery and cutlery into a special cupboard, shutting the door and walking away, only to return a few hours later to clean dishes.  Our kitchen is tiny and there was always the thought that, as soon as finances allowed, we would refurbish the kitchen which would include space for a dishwasher.  We’ve waited…and waited…and waited…but there’s always something else that requires your savings.  So as it stood, hours in the day were spent washing up.  Endless washing up bowls later, cracked hands (especially in winter) and tubes and tubes of hand cream.

A few weeks ago, we finally made the decision that a new kitchen was still a dream and so we re-figured some of the units to allow a dishwasher to be plumbed in.  Oh my!  There was crockery, cutlery and love exploding everywhere! It deserved a special celebration and out came the fancy glasses, there was ribbon cutting, the eldest redesigned a trophy and of course, it wouldn’t be a celebration without a pie.  What a day that was to be alive!  Happy memories. There’s something in my eye….

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