The Tooth Fairy – 5 ways to add extra magic

The Tooth Fairy – 5 ways to add extra magic

“Mummy I lost another tooth. I’m going to get money!”

Yesterday, the youngest Little Miss lost her third tooth.  Tooth fairy = money.  Simple.

Why not add extra sparkle to this money-making venture in 5 additional ways.

  1. Make teeth cookies. Simply cut a large cookie in half, use jam to secure mini marshmallows to each ‘gum’ ensuring that you pop out the tooth lost.
  2. Hang a tooth fairy sign on their door handle before bed.  Perfect to remind the Tooth Fairy to stop by (as well as other family members, particularly mum and dad, that fairies are on their way.  It’s so easy to forget you’re expecting visitors).
  3. Place the tooth in a special fairy envelope as it can be tricky for fairies to find if left loose under a pillow.
  4. Perhaps your local tooth fairy leaves receipts. If not, and you think she’d like a template, you can always send this across to her. Explain to her that I’ve included two copies on the document for ease (one spare for errors. There is little time for reprinting I’m guessing. She’s welcome!) Tooth Fairy Receipt template.  Little Miss keeps each of her 3 receipts in a special fairy box in her room.
  5. Tooth fairies only visit if you’re sleeping apparently, and is why we’ve never seen them.  So we left my mobile phone on her bedside cabinet to try to film them in action.  Those fairies can never hide when there’s an app to catch them out (“I saw the tooth fairy”).


Happy tooth-wobbling and enjoy this wonderful part of childhood.

“Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s precious memories”

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