The smallest vases you own

The smallest vases you own

You may’ve been lucky enough to have received a bunch of flowers recently. Mother’s Day perhaps? How lovely and lucky you. Such a shame they are short-lived. But wait one little floral moment…

I’m guilty as the next, ready to bin a bunch of brown-headed, drooping flower heads once they’ve had their day, once we’ve enjoyed their full glory.

But often, if you look through the droop, through the discoloured petals, you may just see a little flower still shining bright, still open to be adored. Hunt this little gem out and let that flower shine. Give it a place to continue blooming.

So this post is all about the smallest vases you own. And we all have them. We just don’t know it yet.

Votive holders or disused (clean) diffuser bottles are perfect little vessels to continue enjoying the smallest of stems, placed on a bedside cabinet or kitchen windowsill for a little pop of colour around the home #enjoythelittlethings.

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