The ‘LIKE’ jar

The ‘LIKE’ jar

The ‘LIKE’ jar is back! It must be a 9-year old thing.


When the eldest was nine, she had this obsession with the word, ‘like’.  Like it would, like, drop into, like, every sentence as if, like,  it was of, like, great importance.  This is, like, really, like, very frustrating for, like, the listener #me.

It would, like, hurt my ears, like, ouch, like, so much and I couldn’t hear, like, the other words.  Just the ‘likes’ and I was, like, missing out on what she was, like, saying.

So I introduced the ‘like’ jar (thank you old Nutella glass).  A penny for every utterance of ‘like’ out of context.

A few weeks of fines and she had almost snapped out of it. Well, enough so that I wasn’t as aware of it as I had been previously.  My ears felt relaxed!

But most importantly, while I wasn’t going to retire on my earnings, I had earned enough for a small skinny cappuccino.

Now that, my friends, is called a win in this parenting game #coffeeCourtesyOfTheKid


That was one of the most delicious cappuccinos I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking.  I may even have named myself ‘Abigail’ as the server asked my name.

So, here we are four years on, another 9-year old and the jar is back!  This time for, like, the youngest who, like, managed to lose, like 5p in, like, the time she left Nanny’s front door to, like, getting in the car and, like, driving to, like, the end of Nanny’s road.

Like, this is going to, like, cost her.

It’s been just over two weeks now and I’m well on my way to a ‘Sophia’ skinny flat white.

Like, cool!

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