Tea bag shortbread.  Recipe and template download

Tea bag shortbread. Recipe and template download

Next Friday, 30th September, is MacMillan’s Biggest Coffee Morning.  For me it’s a no-brainer: a fantastic cause and, quite frankly, I heard someone mention ‘cake’ so I’m there!  macmillan-coffee-morning

I’ve made these ‘tea bag’ shortbread biscuits for this sweet-treat fundraiser in the past and they tend to go down quite well.  So I thought it might be helpful to share this slight adaptation of a Paul Hollywood shortbread recipe that I use, as well as a template for the tea bag labels, in case it’s of use for someone wanting to bake something slightly different for this year’s event.




Surprise party biscuit labels
Or indeed use the template to design your own tea bag labels for another special occasion by merely changing the text and image to suit your own celebration.  They make cute little additions to any cup and saucer.


The template download below also includes a cookie stencil that you can cut out and use.  Alternatively, simply cut a rectangular shape into your dough and snip the ends off at an angle at one end to create a luggage tag shape for the ‘tea bag’.



So next Friday, select your size stretchy clothes, go scoff some cake with friends or colleagues and let’s all contribute what we can in order to support the incredible work of the Angels that are Macmillan nurses.

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‘Tea bag’ Shortbread Biscuits

These biscuits are so quick and easy to make.  You can download a copy of the recipe here Shortbread recipe.


tea bag shortbread recipe

Try adding either lemon rind, coconut flakes or chocolate chips to your dough for a slight alternative.  You could also dip your delicious cooled biscuits into melted chocolate for an extra special treat or sprinkle your warm just-baked delights with cinnamon sugar for something different.

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‘Tea bag’ biscuit labels

Download a tea bag label template here and print onto thin card. ‘teabag’-biscuit-labels



Cut tea bag labels to size and fold in half.

Cut and fold your tea bag labels


Place a decent length of string inside the folded tea bag label and glue together.

Cut a decent length of string and glue to the inside of the label


Gently thread the string through the hole in your baked biscuit, threading the label part back through the loop and carefully pull through.

Have a happy baking day!

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