Swimming lesson treats: swim like a fish!

Swimming lesson treats: swim like a fish!

Hands up if you dislike the weekly trudge to the leisure centre for your child’s swimming lessons?  Hot, stuffy, crowded changing rooms?  What joy!

Why do these lessons enjoy messing with our sanity?

A few weeks ago, the youngest went up a swim level.  Roll out the bunting and cue happy dance.

Time for some swim treats!  Let’s celebrate that one step closer to never having to attend lessons again.

Flashback to our ‘Swim Like a Fish’ celebratory tea last year.

Whether you’re planning a swimming party or just want to celebrate your Little Fish and Mermaids as they improve technique and stamina, hopefully there’ll be a few ideas below that might take your fancy.  Often just one or two little treats are enough to celebrate the moment.

Swim Like a Fish celebrations

The weekly dash from school pick-up to swimming lessons across town is quite hectic and in-car dining isn’t the most ideal, but necessary.

It’s typically pasta in a Thermos for the girls.  But when you’re celebrating a swimming achievement, perhaps their first lesson in their new class requires a bit of a treat.

I had these food boxes left over from a party a few years back.  Perfect snack boxes filled with food to enjoy in the car on the journey to the leisure centre.

And for a celebratory tea at home, simple decorations can transform your dinner table.

Use paper tablecloths where possible and draw on your disposable party ware to help set the scene.


Create these easy paper plate fish by cutting a small triangle into one side of the plate and attaching as a fin.

Use what you have at home and adapt to suit your swim party theme.  Search the cupboards and toy boxes for aquatic or swim themed items and use them creatively to decorate your table.  For example, I used these blue water bottles and spare goggles as fun drinks, and some colourful flannels as placemats.

Create some easy treat bags for the kids.  Paint a wooden treasure chest, personalise and stand on its side to create a locker for them to store their swim badges in.

These wooden boxes are cheaply available from The Works or Hobbycraft.  Don’t forget to include a £1 coin (locker fee!)

Coloured party bags are cheaply available from eBay shops or party aisles in larger supermarkets.

But use what you already have at home where possible, using chalkboard pens or Sharpies to personalise and decorate your treat bags and fill with themed treats.


Alphabites and veggie fish shapes are a win-win tea.  Serve on a ‘seabed’ of spaghetti or mixed vegetables or perhaps some spinach to create ‘seaweed’.

And don’t forget some sweet treats!  I bought some cupcakes from the supermarket and used some Smarties to create these scaly ‘fish’.

Isn’t it wonderful how the simple process of blowing out a flame brings such joy.  In fact, it is nigh impossible to blow out a candle and not smile afterwards.  That’s pretty cool!

Candles are a super easy way to celebrate those little milestones.

And why not temporarily frame any certificates earned and put on display at your dinner table to acknowledge your little swimmer.  Well done them!

Hope this gives you some inspiration.

Watch this space as I will soon be posting ideas for a mermaid themed celebration.  Here’s a sneaky peak at the mermaid themed cove the youngest enjoyed last week as we gave her a pat on the back for earning her latest swim badge.

Until then, keep smiling through those swimming lesson days…

Good luck!

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