Strawberries and lemonade party ideas

Strawberries and lemonade party ideas

It’s prime summer fruit picking season and there aren’t many children, or even adults, who don’t enjoy this fun activity.  Fruit definitely tastes better if you’ve picked it yourself and even better if you have a group of special friends in tow.

Last year for the youngest’s 7th birthday we had a strawberries and lemonade themed party.


Strawberries and still lemonade; two of her favourite things!

So we headed out with a small group of her friends to our local fruit picking farm and had a few hours in the fields collecting the most delicious strawberries.  We even had time to check out the cherries and raspberries on offer.

After our fruit picking expedition, we set up camp in a small area beside the car for some fruit-themed snacks, before heading back home for a play, more food, lemonade and cake!



Below are some of the details from the party.  But who needs a birthday as an excuse to celebrate this soft fruit?

If you’re off strawberry picking with the children soon, why not add one or two of the ideas to a strawberry-themed morning or afternoon?  For example, why not pack a fruit-themed hamper with one or two goodies to enjoy in the picnic area of the farm or enjoy some strawberry themed desserts once you return home.

A few of the ideas don’t require too much effort and could add a little extra sparkle to an already fun-filled family activity in your local fruit-filled fields (try saying that without your teeth in!).

Happy fruit picking!

Fruit basket labels

Use plastic plant labels to ensure that there’s no arguing over whose container is whose.  Personalise them using your felt tips or Sharpies.


Create a hamper of post-picking treats

No need to rush off after you’ve paid for your produce.  Why not pack the picnic blanket, some cartons of juice and some strawberry or fruit-themed snacks to enjoy in the field after your fruit picking activity.  I packed a picnic hamper with some summer fruit juices, strawberry marshmallows and strawberry flavoured biscuits before heading back home for some more birthday fun and games.


Dessert buffet party treats

Back home I had set up a strawberry and lemonade buffet for them to enjoy after their pizza and hot dogs.

Use cheap paper potting containers lined with tissue paper to hold your favourite snacks.

Or use your carefully selected strawberries to make some fresh strawberry milkshakes.

Strawberry mousse is generally a hit with kids.  I served these in plastic shot glasses with mini wooden spoons attached with patterned washi tape.


Strawberry themed cakes

Make some strawberry themed cupcakes to enjoy before or after your activity.  These vanilla cupcakes were topped with strawberry flavoured buttercream.

Simply puree a small handful of strawberries and add to your buttercream mix before generously piping onto your cupcakes.


The youngest isn’t keen on fondant, so it’s always a challenge trying to come up with birthday cakes for her that just require buttercream.  So you can imagine how pleased I was to have stumbled across this gravity-defying cake tutorial on the Hobbycraft website.


I adapted it ever so slightly, making a lemon sponge and covering with a strawberry flavoured buttercream.  Delicious!

Lemonade stand

“So what about the lemonade?”, I hear you type.  I set up a self-serve fresh lemonade stand.


These green and red mason jar tumblers were a good find on Amazon.  The lids were personalised with a Sharpie and made great party bag favours too.

Kids love making lemonade because, once you’ve cut the lemons in half for them, they can pretty much do the rest themselves.  And you know how much kids love using lemon squeezers, right?  This recipe I use below is so easy.  Replace the still water with sparkling if you prefer it fizzy.


Strawberry themed party bags

I found these cute felt strawberry bags in a local store.  They were perfect party bags for this celebration and were filled with strawberry themed goodies from sweets, to erasers and scented pens.

All in all, it was such a fun-filled party to plan.  Proof that even the simplest of themes can be turned into a fun celebration with a little creativity.


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