Spring is here!

Spring is here!

Daffodils.  Tulips.  Blossom.  Fresh cut grass.  Pastel colours.  Longer days.  Lighter jackets.  Open windows.  Warmer air.  Move over winter…it’s spring!

I’m definitely a spring type of girl.  I was made for blue-skied spring days. The days are aflutter with renewed signs of life and I’m more than ready to welcome the season with a high-five.

Yesterday was the first day of spring so it was a good excuse to jollificate (I know that’s not a word but I like it!).

We overlooked the grey skies overhead and toasted the anticipation of sunny days in such a girly way.  Poor husband in a house full of girly girls.  I helped the Little Missies put together a spring flower bouquet for our old neighbour who we haven’t seen in a while and then we made lemonade and toasted spring.  I did warn you that it was ‘girly’.

Spring flower bouquet

Cheers to spring!




Untitled design

Spring flowers are incredibly beautiful and so cheap.  They look extra special wrapped with a little bit of brown paper, cellophane and raffia. Finish off with a ‘Just because…’ message. Tip top!



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