So many feelings

So many feelings

It sucks when little ones are poorly, but it’s inevitable and makes you appreciate good health, sleep and normal routine once they start their road to recovery.  I get quite excited once we hit that road and my creative hat goes on to celebrate healthier times (and sleep! Did I mention lack of sleep?!).

Chicken pox gingerbread men
I remember when the youngest Little Miss had chicken pox a few years ago.  I discovered her first spot two days before her ballet show which she’d been rehearsing for months and months.  We were all gutted for her.  But it wasn’t too bad at all once her beloved bunny Barry came down with the pox too as did a ballet bear and, in addition, some poxed gingerbread men came to play, so all in all, it was actually quite good fun (although some of the spots on her gingerbread men were clearly infected by the looks of it.  Yikes! Poor guys!)


We’ve been hit by tonsilitis this month and it was Little Missette’s turn this last week.  After five days she started to pick up and I wanted to do something fun with her.  She, like a lot of kids, loves emoojis.  I found some scotch pancakes in the cupboard and dug out my food colouring pens.  It was time to do something a bit fun with emoticons.  So she changed into her emoji t-shirt and we got to work decorating our pancakes.
food colouring pens and pancakes


One of their favourite emojis is the poop one.  So understandable it barely needs explanation.  This was meant to be a way to cheer her up, so we also baked emoji poop cupcakes too.  I say ‘we’, but Little Missette flagged at the baking stage, conked out on the sofa, which meant that it was me, on my own, baking chocolate turds.  But I got to lick the bowl AND I got more joy than an adult should confess to, when icing the poops on the cupcakes <snigger>.  Who says you outgrow toilet humour!

heart eyes emoji
Emojis!  You either love them or hate them.  I have a little bit of a confession.  I love them!  Emojis fly around my text messages, emails and social media posts on a daily basis.  Maybe one or two in a message or post.  (OK, you got me, it’s more often 4 or 5.   In a row.  Sorry!)  In my defence though, they speak umpteen words and actually save me time.  I can communicate so much in one or two emoticons.  They also help me engage more with messages I receive.  Yes. They pretty much make me smile!  And thankfully, they made a Little girl on the road to recovery giggle too.




Untitled design

We used red dot stickers from the stationers to create chicken pox on teddies and red balls from the icing aisle to decorate spots on the gingerbread men.

I love using food colouring pens.  They are widely available on Amazon or eBay and are very reasonably priced. They’re particularly great for letting the kids go wild on plain, pre-iced birthday cakes which you can buy in supermarkets these days.  The girls decorated this one for The Husband a few years ago.

Use food colouring pens to decorate a shop-bought pre-iced cake

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