School’s out countdown

School’s out countdown

They’re cranky, they’re tired and while they’re having lots of fun at school with end of term fun activities, they’re certainly ready for the break and quite frankly, so am I.  I am done with lunch boxes.  Done!  #binthoseboxes

Term time is full on, intense and requires far too much time-keeping for my liking.  It’s time for the annual summer holiday countdown.  Bunting is finally up.  Five days to go.  Yey!


Now while the girls’ love the anticipation of a fun-filled summer, this year’s countdown comes with a slightly bitter undertone as the eldest waves goodbye to her wonderful primary school and some special friendships.

The school has been a dream, encouraging her to reach not only academic milestones, but most importantly supported her in character, to develop feelings of purpose and emotional well-being, driving forward her strengths and unlocking potential unknown.

We’ll be forever grateful.

But we also have so much to look forward to as she begins her new adventure at secondary school.  So let’s stay focused on the positives and let the countdown to Summer 2017 begin, starting with a ‘Summer Holiday’ bucket list.  What do they want to do over summer?

Cue similar countdown to the start of term come end of August 2017 when I will be, quite possibly, hanging onto sanity by a thread, longing for the start of term.

But until then, we’ll just enjoy the anticipation of a harmonious summer ahead.

***5 days***


Countdown to any milestone you’d like to celebrate or are looking forward to.  Paper bunting is cheaply available in the supermarkets and is always useful to have to hand for all sorts of celebrations.  And so easy to write on using your Sharpies or felts.

I made this summer countdown bunting a few years ago using some holographic party decorations I bought cheaply from the ASDA supermarket party aisle.  It came with letter stickers to create your own messaged bunting.


Enjoy counting down to whatever exciting milestones lie ahead.

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