Rose shaped napkins

Rose shaped napkins

Last weekend I posted some photos on my Instagram feed of an Afternoon Tea that I had at home with the girls.

September afternoon tea for the children. Enjoying the last sunny weekends of the September sunshine
 Use those fancy cups and saucers and special teapots more. Enjoy an afternoon tea in the garden and make the most of the September sunshine

This included pictures of some rose shaped napkins that I had folded #livingthedream.

Fold your linen or paper napkins into rose shaped loveliness in about 20 seconds.

Well, who knew that I’d receive so many messages about them. OK, so four of you messaged, just a tincy wincy group of four of you messaged #crashingtheserver.

However, just in case this folded napkin revolution is of interest to others too, here’s a little video of how simple they are to create.

As long as you know that, when you turn your linen napkins into pretty shapes, people don’t like to use them #toopretty.

Yet, this works well for me because, (a) it saves me washing them and (b) I don’t like them getting dirty anyway.

So what this post actually teaches you is that life is more relaxed with paper napkins.

Happy folding!

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Learn how to fold a paper or linen napkin into a simple rose shape

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