Recreate a coffee shop lunch at home

Recreate a coffee shop lunch at home

Want to listen to a happy tale?

Long story short.

Last day of the summer holidays.

Went to NEXT for last minute uniform #pleasehavewhatineed 🙏🏽

NEXT has a Costa inside the store.

Cue standard request from them to stop for a snack.

But ‘snack’ always seems to cost a small fortune.

Food not nice anyway.

Suggested home cooked version. “They’re not going to accept that!”

They surprisingly, gladly accept 😳

Drive home and prepare their FakeAway coffee shop lunch.

They pour melted Galaxy chocolate into their hot milk, stir and enjoy with their toasties.

Even added authentic toastie timer noises with our mini timer ⏰ ‘Beep beep, beep beep’.

So saved a small fortune. #newshoesforme? 👠

And all turned out well on the last day of summer break 😎

The End.



It’s easy enough to recreate a coffee shop lunch at home.

  • Gently melt good quality chocolate on a low power, stirring occasionally.  This is a good way to use up any spare chocolate left over from birthdays, Christmas or Easter #likewhohasleftoverchocolateanyway
  • Experiment with different chocolate flavours.  Have you tried any of the new Green & Black’s flavours yet?
  • Use small milk jugs to melt some blocks of chocolate in the microwave.  I bought these from Wilkos a few years ago as I was feeling fancy.  They still stock them and they are reasonably priced.
  • Alternatively, use ramekin dishes to melt your chocolate slabs.
  • Of course you could simply melt some chocolate in a standard dish and add it to the hot milk before serving.  But allowing the children to pour their own melted chocolate into their hot milk can make it extra fun.

  • Use toaster bags to recreate a crispy ham and cheese toastie.  These bags are great and ensure that the outside of the toastie is nice and crisp.  They are cheaply available to buy on Amazon.
  • Add a little side helping of marshmallows and use your Sharpies to personalise a plate.
  • Oh! And if you can set your timer for authentic coffee shop background noise, then go for it!  Check out the different sounds on your smartphone timer settings.

Congratulations!  You’ve saved around £5 per person.

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