Post a hug

Post a hug

Hugs.  Aren’t they the bees?

No words needed.  Often the squeeze says it all.

For me, some of the best hugs are from those that have missed you.

I consider myself extremely lucky as I get one of these hugs most days from the youngest when I collect her from school.  She’s a hugster!

She’s 7 now, yet still runs from her classroom towards me, arms open, head first as she launches herself into my belly.   And she squeezes away.  She gives the best hugs!  Each one has such meaning and is sincere.  She’d hug people all day if she could.

On the whole it’s reciprocated, but not always.   There was a time when she used to play with a boy a few years older than her at school and he really didn’t find these hugs comfortable.  He’d often run away if he saw her coming over to hug him.  She thought it was part of a game.  But his non-verbal behaviour was screaming out, “leave me alone!”  Having witnessed this, I had to have a chat with her about personal space, encouraging her to try and read a situation to see whether the other person finds it just as wonderful.

I wish she could skip through her sunshine-filled, childhood days hugging forever more.  But it’s not the way of the world.  I couldn’t help feeling a sad undertone as I explained limits of tactile behaviour and saving those warm embraces for a more appreciative tide.  Tricky pill to swallow as she was only 5 years old at the time.

But let’s sugar that pill!  Yes!  The majority of us love a hug from those we care about.  It brings a whole heap of loveliness and is a powerful communicator and healer.  Hugs rock!

And, you know what?  Sometimes they come via the post.


Recently, a dear family friend had a serious operation.  We posted her a hug.  Happy mail!



Fancy posting a hug today?




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