National Cereal Day

National Cereal Day

Last Monday, March 7th, was National Cereal Day.  But you already knew that, didn’t you!

We were chuckling when it was announced on the radio and this took us onto the topic of cereals I ate as a child.  I was explaining to the girlies that, when I was a little girl, cereal companies would hide little gifts inside as an incentive to buy their product.   They were open-mouthed at this concept: “That’s soooo cool, Mummy!”

I clearly remember when we were young, my brothers and I putting our hands into the cereal box, shuffling it around, trying to peek inside, crushing its contents, hunting for some plastic-fantastic.  These days it’s all about collecting tokens to gain your ‘prize’ but that’s no fun.  You just want instant prizes! Damn Health and Safety ruining cereal joy!

So on National Cereal Day 2016 (yes, it really is a ‘Day’ people!), I put H&S aside and secretly hid a little something in their current cereal box for them to find, which the youngest did this morning, 7 days later.  She squealed with glee!  Her grin says it all.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the actual handbag-shaped eraser that brought about this grin, but the fuzzy feeling you get from little surprises now and then.

That fuzzy feeling rocks!

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