Making your own crackers

Making your own crackers

When I told The Husband that I was going out last Friday night, he automatically assumed that I was out meeting the girls at a bar in town.  As I began to tell him that I was actually spending my Friday night at a friend’s house making Christmas crackers, I instantly saw his brow crease #rockAndRoll

And I guess you’re probably thinking the same!

And you’d have a small point, as prior to Friday night I’d probably think this too #grannyhobbies

But before you ‘unfollow’ (#pleasedont), I’m hoping to change your mind.

Add to the mix the first ‘Snowball’ of the season, Christmas jumpers #WeAllHaveThem, a platter of cheese and biscuits, some fizz, some chocs, festive tunes and a couple of friends who are full of natter and light-heartedness, and you’ve got the recipe for a good ol’ festive get together.  I mean, who doesn’t love hanging out and snacking? #YouHadMeAtSnowball

So, why make your own crackers again? #CueMoreBrowCreasing.

Let’s face it.  It’s not Christmas Day without crackers.  Yep, of course you can just buy them.  But unless you spend a decent amount the contents are typically naff (apart from those mini screwdrivers.  So many uses!)  And perhaps Christmas Day crackers deserve a little bit more attention than we currently give them.  We all love a Christmas cracker!

Cracker kits are widely available.  We used kits from M&S (on the 3 for 2 offer) which were so reasonable and contained hats, jokes, ribbon and labels.  They were very easy to assemble and great quality.  You simply decide on the contents for that tiny, cylindrical, festive space in the middle.

I included folded scratch cards (with 5p coins attached) and mini Lindt reindeers for the adults.  And for the kiddos, mini highlighters and mini Lindt Santas.  The others used a combo or travel-sized cosmetics and festive chocolates.  Much nicer than the plastic, folding fortune fish eh?!

And we also got a good few laughs over the evening too as I nattered away with some great people, chatting about nothing in particular, putting the world to rights.

So there!  Not so weird after all eh?  And the best bit?  Really, another excuse to have a little festive get together with some friends.  I’m all for that!


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