It’s panto time! Jack and the Beanstalk

It’s panto time! Jack and the Beanstalk

Panto season has begun and it’s certainly one of the highlights of our Christmas.

We visit Windsor Theatre Royal every year.  It never disappoints and always gives this family an afternoon to remember.

This year’s panto was Jack and the Beanstalk.  But let’s keep it simple and not over analyse the story.  “Be he alive, or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to make my bread”.  Yikes!

Because it’s a highlight of our festivities, panto deserves a small celebration.  Uh oh! I feel a treat bag coming on…



Here are a few pictures from the themed treat table we enjoyed at home after lunch, before heading off to the theatre last weekend.

Create your own dessert table for the family to enjoy prior to your show.  And if anything is left over, let your panto team fill their treat bags with some sweet delights to enjoy during the performance itself.


Whatever panto you are off to see this Christmas season, hope it makes you laugh out loud, that you manage to catch some sweets and that you are close enough to get squirted with water.  It’s the perfect vehicle to uncover your inner child and enjoy a little bit of silliness and nonsense.

uncalendared heart

This Jack and the Beanstalk themed treat table was predominantly sponsored by the ivy plant on our drive and, of course, my trusted dry markers and Sharpies.  Cheap and easy.

Treats included:

  • Magic beans (jelly beans in some potting containers I had left over from the summer)
  • Sprouting beanstalks (chocolate mouse, with mint Oreo crumb, with mint sprig decoration)
  • Jack’s cow’s milk
  • Coffees or teas for the adults in Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum mugs (use a dry marker to draw on your mug. Easily cleaned)
  • Golden coins
  • Beanstalks (Cadbury chocolate fingers)
  • Golden eggs (Ferrero Rocher)

Please do pop back soon to check out similar ideas for a Cinderella treat table and treat bags or click on the link to see ideas from our Snow White themed tea we enjoyed a few years ago .

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