Inspiration for your 1st Holy Communion celebration

Inspiration for your 1st Holy Communion celebration

This week I’ve been helping a friend with some 1st Holy Communion celebration ideas.  This encouraged me to revisit our own celebrations a few years ago and I thought it might be of help to share ideas with anyone planning a special gathering over the next month or so; ideas to help add special touches to their day.  And if you are celebrating, well then I very much hope that you have a wonderful time.

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  • I made simple doilie bunting and fan decorations with a silhouette theme throughout.  I cannot tell you how thrilled I was that doilies and gyp were fashionable again.  I couldn’t resist!
  • So not to leave out the young guests, they too had special drinks and cookies during the cake cutting and toasts.
  • I tried to link together her Baptism with this celebration, so we dusted down the family Baptismal dress and we lit her Baptismal candle.  They were displayed on the cake table.
  • Little ones receive so many beautiful pieces of jewellery as gifts.  It’s nice to have an opportunity to wear some of it now and then.  She chose to wear this beautiful bracelet given to her on her Baptism day.
  • Her little sis made her a special card which I just had to frame and have on display too (we’ve got to grab those moments of sibling love when we can, right?!)
  • I found a Build a Bear wedding dress similar to Little Miss’ communion dress. Perfect gift from a Little Sis!
  • These favor boxes were very reasonable from an eBay shop and we filled them with her favourite chocolates (Minstrels).
  • For her cake, I cut out and used a cross-shaped cardboard template to help create a simple design using fondant flowers.  Before removing the cardboard template, I sprayed the cake lightly with a silver spray (available from most supermarkets).
  • She took to church a special rosary given to her by her Nan for her Baptism.
  •  And a special treat for me, this photo of my little girl and I with my very own communion dress (man I was tiny!).

Please also look at my Pinterest board for some more creative ideas that caught my eye.  Please do share this post and Pinterest link with friends or family who you feel may find this useful.

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Before I sign off, I hope you’ll stick around for a short while longer as I’d love to share with you a memory that holds a special place in my heart when I recall Little Miss’ 1st Communion Day.

I was brought up Catholic, went to a Catholic primary and secondary school (a Convent no less!).  Our girls are Baptised and they both started out their education in a Catholic Primary School too.  That said, these days I struggle with my faith and felt indifferent about the girls receiving the sacrament of First Communion.  So when the school invited children to classes, it was a decision we felt that she needed to make.

We discussed in depth with her what it involved, explained that it was her decision, she gave it some thought and after a few weeks decided that it was something that she wanted to do.  We supported her and she attended her classes with enthusiasm.  Her outfit was kept simple; I wanted her to look like a little girl (not a bride) and our celebration after the service was kept small with a little gathering with close family and friends at home.  The weather on the day was beautiful, planning was stress-free and I felt prepared for her celebration.  In a practical sense anyway…

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that often the greatest burst of pride is felt at the most unexpected times.

As I watched her enter the church alongside the rest of the children, she beamed from ear to ear.  She has such a special smile.  I suddenly saw her as the innocent little girl she still was.

I’m guilty of expecting so much from the girls, unconsciously encouraging them to, often, be older than their years. That day, that moment, was important in order to remind myself that she was still indeed just an eight year old little girl.  Our little girl.  MY little girl.  It’s crazy, but I still have times where I marvel at the fact that we made our girls: “Wow, I’m a mum! I really am. I have daughters!”

I wasn’t expecting to tear-up that day.  I don’t tend to cry much if I’m honest.  So when I do, the arm-chair psychologist in me likes to join the dots in order to analyse where this emotion comes from.

I’m guessing that these are the days where you unexpectedly step back from a world where you’re constantly on the treadmill of routine.  You’re seeing your child through deep, maternal, love-filled eyes.  You’re viewing them as a precious being (rather than telling them to do their homework, put their shoes on or to be considerate to their sibling).   And there’s such a good sense of satisfaction in boycotting that treadmill in favor of observing exactly who they are.

Such moments don’t need to happen overly often.  In fact, if they did, they wouldn’t be as powerful.  But I tell you what, when they do hit, those days ROCK, because before too long the treadmill calls.

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