‘I lost a tooth’ lunch box ideas

‘I lost a tooth’ lunch box ideas

Last year I posted an article with a few ideas to help add a little extra magic when your little one loses a tooth.  Check out the ideas here.

Well I have one more idea to add to this list, in the form of a tooth-themed lunch to send to school with your toothless little ones.

Have some teeth-themed ideas up your sleeve for when you next need it.


Teeth themed lunch

  • Create tooth-shaped sandwiches.  They are easy to cut with a knife (no cookie cutter needed).
  • Got any spare chocolate coins in the cupboard? Add a little one as a special treat.

  • Yes.  Yes that’s a toothbrush-shaped sandwich.  Cut to shape with a small knife and add a celery ‘brush’ (or use cheese, ham or sliced carrot to form the ‘brush’).
  • Use a small star-shaped cookie cutter to shape cucumber into a fairy wand and add a carrot stick handle.

  • Sweetcorn kernels make good little ‘teeth’.
  • Cut a pancake (shop bought is fine) or a large cookie in half, spread jam on each side and stick on mini marshmallow ‘teeth’.  Don’t forget to leave out the tooth lost.

So just a few ideas to get you started.  If you have any more, please do share them on here or on our social channels @uncalendared #uncaledared





Enjoy the magic of childhood.  And enjoy lunch box prep for once.

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