How to make DVD night extra fun

How to make DVD night extra fun

Slip into your comfy lounge wear, grab the cosy blankets.

Got a good view?  Turn the sofa if you need to.

Right, now, dim the lights and pop that corn.

Oh, hang on a mo.  What you drinking?  (Is your drink in a safe place?  Don’t spill it! #mummode #sorry).

Munchies ready?  But no loud munching please …  Sssshhh!  The movie is about to start!

Who loves movie night at home? (You’ll notice that I was careful with the wording there.  I originally typed ‘home movie night’…. yikes! Completely different blog post that…completely different ‘treats’ and this is a family friendly blog)

Anyway, I digress.  I love movie night at home!

That new release on Netflix.  That DVD you spotted on Amazon the other day.  That film you didn’t get to see at the cinema.  You’ve been looking forward to this!  Good times.

But you needn’t save movie night glee for blockbuster productions.

Last month we received the DVD recording of a dance show that the girls were recently part of.  They were so excited about watching it that it deserved a little bit of extra loveliness to toast their starring roles (OK, that’s an exaggeration, they starred in about 4 minutes of a 60 minute show, but the whole experience of show participation thrilled them to bits).

Cue DVD treats for this special premiere.

I didn’t have long to prepare these treats.  That’s often the case with impromptu DVD nights.  But with a few go-to items, it’s easy to add a little extra special touch at short notice to any movie evening with the little ones.  I’d like to share some of these with you and maybe one or two ideas might take your fancy too.


Th following items could be useful to have at home:

  • Disposable popcorn boxes
  • Plain white paper cups
  • Sharpies or felts
  • Star bunting
  • Movie clapper board and chalk
  • String
  • Disposable ice-cream tubs and wooden spoons
  • Cupcake gift boxes (those that hold 4 or 6 cupcakes are the best size).


  • I picked up these cute popcorn boxes from ASDA.  They’re great value and available from their party aisle.


  • Plain paper cups are always so handy to have to hand and are cheaply available from supermarkets.  Use your Sharpies or felts to create personalised cups for the special showing.


  • I had some star bunting amongst my party decorations and hung it against the black backdrop of my MacBook packaging.  (Yes.  Yes I kept the Mac packaging.  What can I say.  It’s a great box! #hoarder).
  • You could even create your own treat necklaces to enjoy during the film.

The little ones will enjoy threading their favourite circular-shaped treats onto some ribbon or string.  The tricky part is thinking of suitable food.

  • Hula Hoops
  • Onion rings
  • Pretzels
  • Haribo rings
  • Cheerios
  • Polos
  • Party rings
  • Mini doughnuts
  • Apple rings (core apples and cut into ring shapes)

  • Perhaps you’ve so many treats that you need a tray of some sorts?  Use cupcake gift boxes (widely and cheaply available in supermarket baking aisles) without the inserts to hold all your goodies.  Use your Sharpies or felts to decorate and personalise the boxes.  Cut and glue one cupcake insert into the corner of your box to hold your drink and fill the rest of your box with your favourite treats.


  • Or why not set up an ice-cream station to enjoy before the show with your favourite sauces and ice-cream toppings.

  • Disposable ice-cream tubs and spoons are widely available to buy in the supermarket party aisles or at Wilkos and Home Bargains, so stock up for the summer.

  • And to top off your movie night, invest in a clapper board to use over and over again.  Check out some eBay shops for boards at great prices.


That’s it!  So sit back and enjoy.  The movie is about to begin.

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