How to make cupcake bouquets

How to make cupcake bouquets

A few months ago I promised to post instructions detailing how to make a cupcake bouquet.  It’s now May and I’m only just doing this.  So sorry! But I’m not slacking.  I promise!

I first made a cupcake bouquet for a friend last year and, as a result, she asked me to run a little tutorial session in order to help demonstrate how they’re created.  So there’s my excuse: I’ve been waiting to run the tutorial before posting instructions for you to make your own too.

Well, last week I ran said workshop for some friends and hopefully they saw how straightforward and easy these cupcake bouquets are to create.  It was a good excuse to get together, learn something new, have a catch up over some lunch and, of course, there were treat boxes.

Below are some instructions to help you to create a basic cupcake rose decoration.  You can do this!

Decoration can, of course, become more elaborate as you become more confident with icing techniques (just check out this beauty I found on Pinterest), but the basic rose decoration really is a fabulous start to make someone cake-happy with this flower-cake winning combo.  And with friends and followers in the US celebrating Mother’s Day next week, this could be a sweet treat for someone special.
Expert cupcake bouquet


So if you’ve never tried making one of these before, put on your size stretchy baking pants (you need to lick the bowl and taste test your cupcakes) and get creative.  Have a go!  It can’t go wrong; either you create something wonderful or you learn from your efforts.

I would just love to see your creations, so tag me in your photos somewhere across the social chatisphere.

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Equipment you will need

  • small plant pot
  • cupcakes (an uneven number works best.  A six inch pot uses 7 cupcakes)
  • green tissue paper (using different shades of green tissue can help create more depth)
  • cocktail sticks
  • floristry foam
  • icing bag
  • icing nozzle (to create a rose, try a Wilton 1M icing nozzle or the 2D nozzle, widely available on Amazon or eBay shops.)

Equipment needed for a cupcake bouquet

The process is hopefully pretty self explanatory from the step-by-step photos, but a few points that would be worth mentioning:

  • Gently insert a cocktail stick into the bottom of a cupcake, no more than halfway through, then insert the cupcake into the foam.  It is best to position the first cupcake at the top centre of the arrangment and work around from there.
  • Shape small square pieces of green tissue paper into ‘leaves’ and position in-between the cakes.
  • It is easier to arrange the plain cupcakes and tissue paper into the foam prior to piping.  The cupcakes are trickier to handle and re-position if they are iced prior to positioning.

Cupcake bouquet construction


  • You can colour the buttercream with food colouring or gel.  Although more expensive and less widely available, gel is best as it does not alter the consistency of the icing too much.
  • If using liquid colouring or adding liquid extract to flavour the icing, it is important to add extra icing sugar to the buttercream mix, typically adding double the amount of icing sugar to the volume of liquid added (for example, if you add a teaspoon of food colouring, add an extra 2 teaspoons of icing sugar).  This helps to maintain a thick buttercream which is easy to pipe and holds its shape.
  • Hold your piping bag perpendicular to the cupcake being iced.
  • Start icing in the centre of the cupcake and pipe continuously, with even pressure, spiraling outwards towards the cupcake edge.
  • Press the nozzle into the buttercream with medium pressure in order to help create definition for the petals.

Icing cupcake bouquets



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