Heartfelt Mother’s Day messages

Heartfelt Mother’s Day messages

I’ve received a few messages recently asking for ideas for Mother’s Day gifts and my response on this occasion really isn’t overly helpful.

There are so many beautiful gifts to buy online or in the shops.  All as wonderful as the next.

But, without wanting to be all ‘Pollyanna’ about it, there really is a lot of loveliness in the little details, the cheapest of presents, the smallest of floral bouquets.  As long as it comes from the heart.

Last night the girls asked me what I’d like for Mother’s Day.  They kindly ask me this each birthday, Christmas and special celebration and my response is always the same: I’d like a full day without sibling bickering, kind conversational tones, good listening ears, offers of help around the home…Wouldn’t that be nice?  This type of gift has all the elements of happiness.

Their response?  A look of bewilderment.  “Er, hmmmm.  Not sure.  But what can I BUY for you?”.

They clearly don’t want to stitch themselves up.  They don’t want to commit.  It’s too much pressure to deliver.

So I pointed to a plaque that they gave me last year and explained how this gift is so precious to me.  It’s a plaque that I treasure.

It hangs above my bed and it’s often the first thing that I see in the morning and the last thing that I see at night.  I explained how precious this gift is to me purely because of their drawings.  It wouldn’t mean half as much without their cute portraits #longarms #crazyhair.

I explained that they turned a relatively inexpensive item into something money cannot buy.  I explained how it makes me smile every single day.

But I might as well have been talking to the lamp…

“But what can I BUY you Mummy…?”

I surrender!

So I’ve put in a request for some new slippers.  And some Galaxy #ifyoucantbeatthemmakealist

But for any Dad’s reading, whatever you decide to buy, as long as gifts come alongside heartfelt messages in a card (homemade where possible) then there’s a pretty good chance that ‘Mum’ will treasure anything she receives.

And if they’re struggling with what to write inside, how about asking them to note down in their card some of the answers to these questions?

I’m supremely confident they’ll mean more to her than you’ll know.



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