Hamster ‘Fruit cake’

Hamster ‘Fruit cake’

Bonnie the hamster died a few weeks ago. That’s our third hamster since September. There’s been quite a few tears shed as a result.

But we have a new little fella on the block. I dearly hope he’s here for a good while yet.

A week in and the youngest has worked really hard and already tamed the little dude. He’s very chilled.

He was welcomed with a small slice of ‘fruit cake’ to see what particular foods he liked and any he didn’t.

Transpires he’s not that fussy and likes his food. Devoured his entire slice, piece by piece.

Welcome Albert!

Hamster ‘Fruit Cake’

NOTE: it’s really important to ensure that your pet hamster has a very small amount of fruit and vegetables as some can be high in sugar and dangerous for your little friend.

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