Halloween inspiration on the cheap

Halloween inspiration on the cheap


Halloween is fast approaching.

The supermarket shelves are jam-packed with haunted treats and you’ll never see so many multi-packs of E-numbered delights at such low prices (dental professionals of the world, look the other way!).

We’ve known each other long enough now for you to know that I’m all over a themed tea in an instant.  So yes, we like a spooky meal at ours over Halloween, although as the girls get older I know that our creepy teas are numbered.  So I like to make the most of it.

Yet even I find the supermarket shelves a little overwhelming with all the decorations on offer.  And throwing all those tempting little bits and bobs into your basket can quickly add up.

I’ve fallen for it in the past and have quickly learnt that it doesn’t have to be an all-out extravagant adventure for your Boo Crew.  Often the smallest of touches here and there and just one or two frightfully gooey treats for breakfast, lunch or tea can be enough for a mini spook fest.

Now of course, we all lead busy lives and Halloween, or even themed food, isn’t for everyone.

You can do this!


But if you’re keen to discover your inner craft, turn your home or dining table into a thing of creepy horrors, then let’s chat!

Check out some of our favourite cheap and cheerful Halloween details from our creepy teas over the years.  Beware…Sharpies and feature a lot!

Spooky decorations

Create some spooky ghosts using dried wet wipes.  Pull at the edges of the dry wet wipe to create a scalloped edge, glue on googly eyes, draw on a mouth with a black Sharpie, thread some white cotton through the centre of the wipe and hang up high.


Cut out circles on white card, colour in some pupils and place in your hedges to welcome your trick or treaters.  Or draw pupils on white balloons to create large eyeballs and place in your trees for a more dramatic effect.



Decorate a door as a mummy using toilet roll paper and attach paper eyes.


I love using plain white paper table cloths for themed teas.  Decorate as you like with felts, or get your little monsters to find their inner artist as they draw spooky pictures or write the most gory words on the table for their themed meal.


Spooky food – sweet treats

It needn’t be all E-filled sugar highs.  Have fun with fruits by peeling apples to create apple mummies, adding chocolate drop eyes.  Or do you fancy eating a ‘worm-invested’ apple instead?


Try adding grapes to plastic cups decorated as Frankenstein, or fill a disposable glove with popcorn or small snacks.


Raspberries stuffed with mini marshmallows or white chocolate buttons, make perfect gooey eyeballs.  Use a black food colouring pen to draw in a pupil.


Don’t like baking? That’s cool!  Sometimes I can’t be bothered either.

Buy some large cookies, cut them in half, spread some jam on each side and position some mini marshmallows along the outer edge to create vampire teeth, using white buttons as fangs.

Or buy some gingerbread men and decorate with those excellent value, mini icing tubes, to create zombies.  Or how about attaching plastic fangs and chocolate drop eyes to ring donuts for some ghastly monster treats?  Alternatively, use black pipe cleaners and googly eyes to create spiders from lollipops.


Spooky food – savoury treats

If savoury is more your thing, then you can easily turn even a simple jam sandwich into a creepy delight.  Just flatten some crustless bread gently with a rolling pin, spread with jam, roll and shape one end into a fingertip.  Decorate the outside with jam to create a nail as well as a severed end, then lightly slice the top of the sandwich to create finger joints.

Use a circular cookie cutter to shape pizza dough rounds and decorate to form pizza mummies.  Or cut slits in cooked frankfurter hot dogs for ketchup-oozing, sausage fingers.


Add some mini carrot ‘pumpkins’ to your dinner plate.  Why not!


Or pick at some cut veggies in your own Frankenstein cup you’ve decorated with your trusted black Sharpie.

Having a spooky movie night? How about some spooky snacks on the side?


Cheesy eyeballs anyone?

Draw bloodshot veins onto Babybell cheese using a red food colouring pen and red food colouring, to create these creepy cheesy eyeballs.  The cheese is a touch too greasy for the food colouring pen alone to work, so dip the pen into some food colouring then draw veins onto your cheesy eyeball.

Or get creative with your pastry pie lid.  What’s that crawling out of this pie?

And don’t forget that adding edible eyes to your food is a quick and easy way to create Halloween drama. Edible eyes can be found down the baking aisle in most large supermarkets.


Spooky drinks

Decorate cartons of juice with masking tape and stick on googly eyes to create these carton mummies.  Or why not turn glass tumblers into ghostly monsters using black dry markers or a Sharpie.

Dry markers can easily be erased afterwards while Sharpie ink can require a little more effort to clean but is removed easily in the dishwasher.


Use your old medicine syringes if you’re into drinking ‘blood’, or use a black food colouring pen to draw haunted faces onto marshmallows for your creepy hot chocolates.


Spooky activities

Toilet roll pumpkin bowling anyone?  Or perhaps witches glow stick toss?  Or grab yourself some cheap craft kits widely available in the shops.  These light catchers were from Hobbycraft and were only £1 each.


Decorate white paper bags with your Sharpie and use as treat bags.  Whether you’re off Trick or Treating or having a sweet treat treasure hunt at home, your little monsters will be needing something to hold their ghastly delights in.


And for those like me who don’t like the smell of pumpkin, heaving as you dig out the sweaty, stringy innards (just me? Nice!) perhaps you’re taken by the painted pumpkin craze.  We were certainly up for a no-carve pumpkin last year and created a unicorn and hand lettered creations.  It’ll make a great half-term activity and they last longer too.


And got your outfits sorted?  But don’t forget your hairstyles.

Use black or brown pipe cleaners to create spider legs in a hair bun.  Loop a hairgrip through a black pom pom and pin it to the centre of the bun to create a spider’s face.


There you go! No need to spend a fortune on Halloween in order to have some haunted fun.

Have a spine-chilling, spooky time!

Halloween pumpkin

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  1. Josie at 6:36 am

    Finally a moment to read one of your posts….and wow! I think it’s fantastic! What a HUGE array of ideas- for whatever budget or level of difficulty. Even I can manage some of these!! (love the dry wipe ghosts, genius!). Thank you for generously sharing your amazing tips, can’t wait for the next one. Happy Halloween!

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