First phone

First phone

As our girls get older (13 and 9), there are less opportunities for themed teas, themed baths, fairies and other childhood magic.

This makes me a little sad, as these small gestures are just as much for me as they are for them: for them to make the most of the magic of childhood; for me to enjoy them enjoying the magic.

Childhood is such a small window of wonder and we’re certainly moving away from this ‘window’.  But it’s also the realisation that we’re moving onto the next window #windowAnalogies #thoughtProvokingStuffEh

It’s the realisation that pocket-sized gestures of loveliness need to start taking a different form.

Flashback to the end of Year 6 when we surprised the eldest with this brown paper package one Saturday morning, containing many, many layers of paper and bubble wrap and other packaging materials.  She eventually reached the prize. Her first phone!


After asking for months and months and ‘patiently’ waiting (#butAllMyFriendsHaveOne), the grin on her face is a memory saved forever.

“You get what you work for, not what you wish for”

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