Father’s Day gift inspiration 2018

Father’s Day gift inspiration 2018

“He’s crazy like a foooooool….what about Daddy cooooool…” #singalongnow

Dad dancing.  Dad jokes.  Dad sayings.  Dad silliness.


Dads really are cool.  And indeed, ‘Dads’ come in many forms, so whatever father figure form they take, let’s celebrate them all this Father’s Day.

There are so many lovely gifts in the shops at the moment for our special males.  You may already have something sorted.  But if you’re struggling a little and need some inspiration, then perhaps a few of these ideas might help trigger your creative juices.

There are 13 ideas below for you to consider and to get your creativity flowing.

And if you don’t find this post useful for Father’s Day, then bookmark it for future reference, just in case you’re struggling with gift ideas for any men in your life with upcoming birthdays.

NOTE: This post and these recommendations are by no means sponsored by any of the companies mentioned.  They’re just ideas I love.  Things I’ve personally bought in the past.  Ideas I thought I’d share.  Hope you like some of them too.

Food gift subscription

Subscription gifts are wonderful for the person who has everything.  And food gifts are certainly my go-to for that ‘Gift for Him’.

If you want something a little different, how about a gift subscription with a twist?

Companies are becoming more creative with their subscription services.  Who needs a magazine subscription when you can have bacon delivered to your door each month.  Yes! Bacon!

Bacon gift subscription 


£38.40 for a six month prescription.  Sign up to their newsletter and your first pack is £3.95.

Good quality bacon sent directly to you.  Approximately 6-8 rashers per pack.  I opted for a surprise flavour each month.  Flavours range from treacle back bacon, to bourbon back bacon to unsmoked streaky.

Bacon comes vacuum-packed and in special packaging that fits nicely through the letterbox.  If you let them know, they even have a natural deterrent that they can use on the packaging to deter any inquisitive furry, four-legged friends who like to collect the post for you.

Three different plans: weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  No commitment required and you can cancel anytime.  It’s good quality and something different.

Gousto – recipe and food subscription service

We were recently at a local food festival and got sucked into signing up to this ingredients and recipe delivery service. They had an offer on, we’d already had a few gins and… #yadayada

Once home, after the food festival (and more sober), the intention was to cancel the subscription once we had received our first box of goodies.  But we’ve actually decided to continue with it as it’s fabulous!

Measured ingredients are sent to you in stay-fresh packaging on a date of your choosing.

We’ve experimented with exciting ingredients, varied our standard mid-week dinners and the girls have been involved with the cooking and tasted new foods which they wouldn’t have welcomed had I offered it to them #IhaveNoInfluence

We’ve tried the following dishes so far and would recommend the following:

Get 50% off your first two boxes by clicking here and checking out the other recipes on offer.


Socks. Yawn!  But hold on one little sock-dazzling moment.  Socks are becoming more exciting these days!

I’ve been using this company below for over a year now and their socks are wonderful, service is great and their marketing is fun. I’m gutted that they’ve stopped offering a sock subscription service, which is what I bought The Husband as a gift one year. Each month he was sent a fancy pair of socks, a different design every time.

While they’ve discontinued this subscription service, I would still like to rate their quality and service, so I’m including this in my recommendations to you this Father’s Day.


They’re standard black socks until you reveal a little pop of fun, patterned loveliness underneath.  So they’re perfect for work or occasions that call for standard black socks.  But hiding underneath that black top, is a colourful, fun design hiding within the show that just makes wearing standard black a little more exciting.

Each design is inspired by an historic figure.  Socks come nicely packaged.  It is a treat after all, so why not.  And, yes, guilty!  I certainly am a sucker for good packaging.


I’ve bought The Husband socks from here over the last 18 months and the service is fantastic.  And as a ‘thank you’ from them, they have offered me 10% off orders before June 30th.  Simply add the code ‘UNCALENDARED’ at the checkout or follow the link below:



If you’re after cheaper gift ideas and are on a smaller budget, or looking for a more personalised gift, then perhaps one or two of the following ideas are useful to you.


Personalised vintage silver spoons and Nutella jar

We bought him his own Nutella spoon last Christmas.  He’s a secret Nutella muncher!

The lovely Sarah from Box of Smiles personalised this spoon for us www.box-of-smiles.co.uk .  While you’re on the Box of Smiles site, have a look at her gift boxes. They’re wonderful!

I also bought a small jar of Nutella to go with the cute little personalised spoon.  I made a label for it using Word in order to create his very own Nutella jar #nosharsies.  Sometimes it really is the little things.


Gadgets – The Mu: the world’s thinnest USB charger

Those that know me will understand that I’m a little biased when it comes to this product.  But that aside, I also use this USB phone charger everyday and know how useful it is.

The Mu is a USB charger that folds flat and can charge tablets, smartphones and small electronic devices.

For me, the main benefit of this charger is that it can fold flat and be kept neatly in your bag.

They also offer a travel adapter with interchangeable heads, perfect for the traveller who only requires one charger for the various countries he visits.

Check out their website for more information www.themu.co.uk

You can also use your Sharpies to personalise Dad’s charger, so when he’s away from home on his business travels he always has a little touch of loveliness in his pocket to remind him of home #ahhhhhhh


Use the code ‘DAD30′ for a whopping 30% off International and UK chargers. What a bargain!



Some men love flowers too.  And they even come in beautiful shades of blue.

These gorgeous blue lilies are from Tesco and are extremely reasonable.

Breakfast treats

Turn his Father’s Day fry-up  into something a little different.  You may have to add some extras on the side as it’s unlikely he’ll leave with a full stomach with this little presentation, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate the gesture all the same.


Check out this blog post  for full instructions on making bacon roses.

A coffee shop breakfast in bed

I know you’ve seen me mention this before, so this certainly isn’t anything new to you all.

But this may be an option to jazz-up a morning treat for him.  Re-create a coffee shop tray of treats for him to enjoy with a newspaper.


Personalised midday snack – cheese toastie

Use mini cookie cutters to punch a message onto his toast.  This cheese-toastie snack was for one Brie-liant dad who deserved a special treat.  ‘Caerphilly’ crafted and lovingly made #seewhatIdidThere


Gift wrap

Get quirky with your gift wrapping.  These shirt parcels are easy to create.  I bought this striped wrapping paper from IKEA and it was perfect for this creation.

  • Simply wrap your gift as usual, then cut a narrow strip of wrapping paper and fold into a collar shape.  Glue into place.
  • Cut another narrow strip of gift wrap, fold lengthways to create a button seam and glue into place.
  • Glue on some buttons to finish off the smart look.


Bath time treats

Treat him to his favourite bubble bath and set up some treats for him to enjoy in peace for half an hour.


Personalise an afternoon treat

A thoughtful gift needn’t cost a lot.  Pick their favourite sticky bun from the bakery, pop in a candle (candles aren’t just for birthdays) and deliver on a white plate which you’ve personalised with your Sharpie pen (Don’t panic! It washes off easily).


Or buy a ready-iced cake from the supermarket, grab your food colouring pens and decorate away.


Personalised pie for tea

I had some custom orders for these last year and they were a pleasure to make.

You can easily personalise your own pie using some letter cookie cutters.  Ready-made pastry is just fine.  Indeed, buy it ready-rolled too for extra ease.  This makes a pie dinner super easy to make. It’s pretty much a casserole in a pie dish with a pastry lid.  Delicious and personal.




Celebrate with candles

Letter candles are available from ASDA.  Spell out a special message for him on one of his favourite foods.


So there you go.  Just a few ideas to help inspire some fun gifts for him.  And as you can see, not everything need cost much.  Just a little bit of planning and time is all that is needed.

Whatever your plans, and however you chose to celebrate the Dad or father figures in your life, have a special day.

And for those remembering Dads no longer with us, may you have the support around you to acknowledge the day in whatever way provides comfort.  Take good care.

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