End of school term treat bags

End of school term treat bags

Have the kids brought home all of their text books from school yet?  Are we meant to keep them all? #recycling

Why not use some of them to make some ‘text book’ treat pockets ready for some end of term treats this week.

Take a peek at the video below.  They’re so easy to make.

Fill with whatever you think they’d like.  Some sweet treats in the car for when you collect them from school? Summer books or bookmarks? Or some surprise tickets to a special event you’re planning.

Last year they were filled with Wreck This Journal, a fun-filled book of adventurous ideas and fills many an hour when they ‘think’ that they’re bored.  Great for both girls and boys (and adults!).

There’s also a min version Wreck This Journal Everywhere, ideal to stick in a pocket or small bag when you’re on your summer adventures.  Available from Amazon and good bookshops.



Enjoy your end of term celebrations whatever your plans.

Text Book Treat Bags

You’ll need:

  • Text book pages
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape

Simply remove the centre page from your text book.  The centre fold will form one of your bag’s sides.

Stick some double-sided tape on the fold of your sheet of paper to create a rectangular shape.


Fold and stick together the two pages of text book.  Use the shadow of the double-sided tape through the paper as a guide to cut your bag to shape.  Check out the video below for further instructions.

I added some chalkboard stickers to decorate these bags but they look just as fun decorated with felts.



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