Every year I organise an Easter egg hunt for the girls in the woods.  We drive up to the common and I ‘hop’ (see what I did there) out of the car, explaining to the girls that I need a quick peek to see if I can locate the area where the bunny has hidden the eggs.

Meanwhile, the husband drives to the end of the wood to ‘turn the car around’ and ‘find somewhere to park’, leaving me enough time to locate ‘the area’ where the bunny has been.  We always go to the same spot so I know the clearing well and it doesn’t take long to hide treats between trees.  Plastic eggs are hidden and with each egg is a little gift.
hunt kiddies, hunt!

It didn’t take too many years before Columbo and Miss Marple figured out the procedure (not the biggest brainteaser going I give you that), yet I’ve never given in to the questioning and each year I still play along, ‘hop’ out (I’ve done it again…I’m here all week!) and hide gifts amongst the trees.

I’ve never really pushed the whole Easter Bunny thing too much if I’m honest.  In fact, envisaging a giant bunny leaping around distributing eggs makes me feel a little uneasy (as opposed to a bearded man entering our home December 24th, which is perfectly acceptable).

Easter 2016 however, saw the heavens open.  We were predicted heavy rain coupled with thunderstorms on Easter Sunday and blessed we were with such wonderous weather.  I knew our egg hunt would have to be postponed.  I was actually quite pleased.  The girls had been pushing their boundaries the week previous, had damaged my calm on numerous occasions and there was a large part of me that felt that they, quite frankly, didn’t deserve Easter goodies.

I’d threatened ‘no egg hunt’ various times and could actually deliver said threat (inadvertently but they didn’t know that. Oh the control!).  But a mild improvement in behaviour a few days before, meant that I felt guilty about abandoning Easter traditions.  There really aren’t that many years left until they’ll be too old for such wonder.

So with a little guilt on my mind, the weather forcing a little deviation from tradition and some inspiration from my craft box, I stayed up quite late Easter Saturday.



I used all the egg hunt props (and my trusty artificial grass samples…it’s the grass that keeps on giving), to help plan a little Easter breakfast.

Cereal basket

Not bad for last minute and despite English weather being its usual wicked self, it meant we went off-piste which paid off.

White pillowcases made cute chair covers

I love going off-piste!  It forces inspiration.

The husband and the eldest even surprised us with their very own version of a creme egg involving a hollow chocolate egg, cheesecake filling, with a mango and strawberry centre.  Impressed!  Albeit, they forgot to add sugar to the cheesy part of the cheesecake.  You can imagine the taste sensation that it was.  But it looked like a creme egg all the same and they had giggles in the kitchen as they conjured up their sweet treat, which is tip top.



Little Miss' cheesecake creme egg

Little Miss’ cheesecake creme egg



Untitled design

Easter Biscuits

This is a Paul Hollywood shortbread recipe.  It has a fantastic, buttery, crumbly texture.  Chocolate chips or lemon zest are tasty additions.




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