Create your own ’emergency supplies’ frame

Create your own ’emergency supplies’ frame

You don’t know my eldest but if you did you’d be fully aware that, firstly, she talks far too much (far too many words, far too little information).  And secondly, you’d also be familiar with the pompom growths on her head.

Yes.  She’s rarely seen without her black pompom headband.

She received it from a party back in October last year and it’s rarely off her head.

The moment she wakes, she’ll reach for her headband … they’re on!

I had a spare 3D frame from IKEA lying around #whodoesnt and so I recently made her one of these emergency frames for her bedroom shelf.

And last week she had to ‘Break the Glass’.

She had left her headband at a friend’s house and we wouldn’t be seeing them for a while.  Yikes!  No headband! #coldturkey

Well, thank goodness for emergency supplies in her bedroom.

We all have something we couldn’t live without, be it pompom headbands, comforters, caffeine, chocolate, phone charger…

Make someone their own emergency supplies frame with these 3D frames, cheaply available from IKEA or Hobbycraft.

Print your text onto card, cut to size and insert into the frame, then simply add the required object.

Emergency supplies ready!

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