Cheers to uncalendared!

Cheers to uncalendared!

I’ve never been a huge Champagne girl.  If I’m honest, I’m more of a bottled-beer-red wine sort of girl with cake thrown in.  Yep, I’m definitely a cake sort of girl!

When it comes to celebrating with a ‘Cheers!’ at home, it’s nice to ‘Cheers!’ with a drink all four of us can enjoy, so non-alcoholic drinks tend to feature.  We clinked glasses today to toast this new uncalendared adventure.

Four strawberry heart milkshakes please!


Untitled design

And we got there in four simple steps…

  • Step 1 – Grab some strawberry crusha and a heart ice cube tray
  • Step 2 – Fill (undiluted) and freeze
  • Step 3 – A simple glass of milk
  • Step 4 – Heart cube meets milk. They melt fast, so serve immediately.
Heart milkshakes




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  1. Josie Jacobs at 10:26 pm

    Cheers indeed to Uncalendared! Congratulations hon!! LOVE the name and LOVE the blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE the ‘About’ section. Brilliant idea and yes, finally somewhere to put aaaaallllll your ideas!!!! But I want this to grow, into a business- because you deserve it. You should be charging us for these awesome ideas! (Also, I will never ever find time or the will to do these amazing things so I want to pay you to do them for me!! :)) Until then, we are very privileged… Thank for sharing your special memories and for inspiring us to think about the ‘everyday’. Love you! X

  2. Bec sneath at 9:47 pm

    Love what you have done here , Michelle! At last..your amazing ideas put down on paper (erm… or on screen!) Well done, you!! Super duper

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