Celebrating emotions with a frame

Celebrating emotions with a frame

We all have picture frames around the home to celebrate special people and special memories.  It makes me smile to use them for other things too.

If you’ve got children, then you’re sure to have had a small tree worth of drawings over the years.  Quite frankly, for me, excitement and cuteness rating for them depleted after the first 100 pictures/colourings:

“Oh beautiful! Aren’t you clever!” [recycling box].

And I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been caught scurrying out to the paper recycling box with ‘artwork’ hidden inside cereal boxes, only to be caught red-handed by the mini artists and reprimanded:

“Oh, no sweetie!  Who put your special pictures in there? Must’ve been Daddy! Phew, that was close.  Go stick it on the fridge. It’s beautiful!”

As a result, paper recycling generally occurs during school hours these days.

Sometimes though there are drawings or pictures which just cry out for love and appreciation.  Such thought and effort went into this picture by the eldest for the Husband to welcome him home from a business trip recently, that it went straight into a frame.  It celebrates a time when the girls were so excited about seeing their hero after a long trip away.  Super special!
It’s not only drawings that can be celebrated.  Both girlies love sending a note; to friends, fairies and us.  They’re not always loving content.  This note was pushed under the door of her room and found on the landing after a bit of a disagreement with the Husband at bedtime one evening.  Apparently she wasn’t ‘tiad!’
tiad note

Now these notes I save.  In fact, I treasure them!  I have piles and piles and no recycling box will gobble up these precious Little Miss musings.  If I could frame them all I would (I must get creative with this!).

Frame a note
My very first special note was given to me by the eldest many years ago.  I recall it being a tiring day and receiving this from her just, well, eradicated the tiredness in an instant.  I remember the very next day going to the shops on a hunt for a tiny frame and it’s been on my kitchen windowsill every since.  Every time I read it, I feel the same emotion which pretty much encompasses a feeling of “I’m doing ok”, which is just what you need when you’re at the sink washing up. 

You’ve got a frame going spare somewhere in the house.  I know you have! Frame an emotion.

(And remember people….recycling is for school/nursery hours!)


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