Celebrating a Pen Licence and handwritten letters

Celebrating a Pen Licence and handwritten letters

Move over pencils!  This kid has got her Pen Licence and she’s not afraid to use it!

She might’ve taken longer than her peers, but she persevered and last week she finally earned the right to use a pen for her work in class and she was ecstatic.

To you and me it’s just a ‘pen’.  But, for them, the excitement this engenders is huge.  It’s these little achievements that vibrate colourful hues.  And it’s these moments that bubble and fizz, creating special memories for us all.

Earlier this week, I finally had some time to arrange some treats for her in order to celebrate.

A special writing gift set, some washi tape bunting, a celebratory pie for tea and a squidgy doughnut later and we’ve finally toasted ‘ink’, ‘the written word’ and ‘perseverance’.

Go forth and write like no one is reading young people.  You’re amazing!

I put together this little ‘smile mail’ gift set as a Pen Licence treat.  It celebrates handwritten letters.

Yes, handwritten letters people.  It’s the stuff that happys-up doormats across the land.  Smile Mail!


The reception of a letter will always be effective in delivering a smile.

I recently posted about the joys of sending a ‘Hug in the Mail’.  But this time, this smile mail is all about words and celebrating handwritten news.

It squeals ‘thinking of you’ as the writer carves out time in their day to jot down thoughts and news for the recipient.  It typically comes from the heart.  It’s delightful!

I’m guilty as the next of not sending enough handwritten mail.  But when I do, I enjoy it.

Many little people, particularly girls, love penning a letter.  Our girls have been no different over the years and I’ve treasured copies of letters, letters that come from the heart and written to teachers…



… sometimes friends.

Once a politician…

Often our resident fairy.

Sometimes they receive replies.

Once even a reply from the highest order


I’ve received many a short letter from them too.   Several slide under their bedroom doors at night.  I find them on the landing as they communicate their bedtime woes …

I keep them all.  I treasure them all.  Some even deserve a frame.

So with the youngest’s newfound confidence in her handwriting and her Pen Licence giving her the power to deliver, I decided to collate some ideas to help engage her interest further and invited her to send even more letters.


If it’s of help, you can download a copy here and add your own ideas.

Inviting children to send a handwritten letter

I very much hope that the art of sending smile mail remains for years to come.  It deserves celebration.  It’s truly delightful!

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