Bloom & Wild letterbox flowers: A review

Bloom & Wild letterbox flowers: A review

Hands up if you’ve ever opened your front door to be greeted by your friendly local florist handing you some flowers?  It made you smile, right?  But Interflora-type flower delivery prices can be extortionate.  The postal flower delivery concept is a much more affordable choice for many.

I was so very lucky to receive a Bloom & Wild monthly letterbox gift subscription from The Husband last Christmas and last week I received my second floral parcel of joy through the door.

Oh my and yes please.  Happy mail!

Hand on heart, this blog post is by no means endorsed or sponsored by Bloom & Wild.  So here’s the thing; I came across a first order offer code and wanted to share it with you, thinking that it might be a wonderful opportunity for others wanting to send someone a floral gift and at a bargainous price.  £10 off your first order.  Cue happy dance!

And this is ‘uncalendared’ after all, so with such a good offer on the table, there’s always someone who may deserve to be treated for something other than their birthday or anniversary.

Thinking of you

You’re wonderful!

Congratulations! You rock!

You’re doing fab!

Thanks for being amazing.

You certainly deserve a treat.

Just because…

Happy today and merry whatever.

Or maybe you’d like to treat yourself?  #tomefromme.

Once you have your reason, you want to ensure that those thoughts are translated well for you.  That’s where some postal flower delivery companies can fall short.  Blooms arrive dehydrated and in need of some TLC.


Can I tell you why I love this brand?

Yes, the flowers are beautiful.  Simple, yet beautiful.  Yes, letterbox style packaging means that the recipient doesn’t need to be at home in order to take delivery (but the recipient has an average sized letterbox though right?  Otherwise it’ll be sent to the local sorting office which is always a pain).

But what’s more profound is the beautiful packaging which sprinkles a whole heap of loveliness all over.  These people understand that it’s an experience rather than just some stems within a cardboard box.


Yep, hands-up!  Guilty!  I’m a complete and utter sucker for thoughtful packaging.

Some quality cellophane and ribbon, branded labels, and a few happy messages later and my smile smiles wider.  You certainly get the feeling that thought has been put into its construction.


This month’s box contained the most beautiful orange roses.

They were encased in some light netting to protect them in transit, and even slowly removing these nets was a treat as they smoothly glided off the bud to reveal a quality rose.  Yep, I really just typed the joy experienced from removing some plastic netting from a flower bud (…and yes, I’m fun at parties).

The roses arrived in bud and have since opened into the most full-headed, stunning blooms.


So if you’re ever feeling wonderful enough to think that someone special deserves some flowers, there’s an offer code circulating that gives you £10 off your first order (usually £20 with delivery).  That’s just £10 to have flowers delivered to someone special.  Affordable loveliness!

Offer code: 10treat

(Offer code valid as of 1st February 2017)

Treat someone deserving today.  Send some floral happy mail.

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