Birthday lunch boxes

Birthday lunch boxes

Oh my.  The daily lunch box dread.  The same old same old.  Those poor kids!

It’s so hard trying to find new ideas for their lunches and it is understandable how quickly they get bored.

So now and again, a special school lunch may be required.

You know those times!  Times when a little extra splash of loveliness makes their day sing.  Even if it’s just bagel foil bunches….


Fancy experimenting with the parameters of lunch box contents?

If so, check out the birthday lunch box below and I’ll be posting a ‘I lost a tooth’ lunchbox very soon.

And perhaps check back now and again, for example in October for a spooky Halloween lunch box.

They’re certainly lunches that you too will enjoy making for once.


Birthday lunch box ideas

Why not make their birthday at school a little extra special with a celebratory lunch.  Well, if you can’t join them for lunch, then you can certainly let them know that you’re thinking of them with just a few special treats tucked into that insulated box of joy.

When the eldest turned 10 a few years ago, it was an excuse to celebrate double digits with a special birthday packed lunch.

YesI know.  Apologies, it’s not the best photo as it was early in the morning with poor light, but hopefully you get the idea.



  • Package up in a clear sandwich bag a cheese straw and a bagel to create the number ’10’ or try to create their age in bread form using large cookie cutters.
  • Similarly, for a sweet treat, package some chocolate fingers and a mini chocolate doughnut to create the number ’10’ or their birthday age.
  • Decorate a drink carton with birthday stickers and birthday messages.


  • Decorate mini Tupperware boxes with birthday messages using your Sharpies (they should wash out easily afterwards or use disposable containers for ease).
  • Add a mini gift box full of crisps.
  • Decorate the inside lid of the lunchbox in stickers to create bunting and write a message for the birthday girl or boy on the bunting stickers.
  • Water bomb balloons are perfectly sized for your birthday lunchbox.  Inflate a little and add to their lunch box.
  • Add any other birthday paraphernalia you have, for example a birthday badge, stickers, a mini birthday card, or a birthday message informing them of something wonderful you’ll be doing after school.

Enjoy planning a birthday lunchbox.  I’d love to see some other ideas you may have.  Please tag us in your photos or social media posts #uncalendared


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