Beauty and the Beast treats

Beauty and the Beast treats

We’ve all been waiting for the release of the Beauty and this Beast film for a good while.  Haven’t we?

Who’s excited?

It’s time!

If you’d like to rediscover this ‘tale as old as time’, ‘proudly present your dinner’ at a pre-cinema themed tea, create some treats to enjoy in the ‘West Wing’ of the cinema, or just celebrate a fun-filled Beauty and the Beast themed day over the Easter break, you may find some of the ideas below from a pantomime party I organised a few years ago helpful.


Often just one or two little treats is enough to make those little smiles smile even wider.

Enjoy the film!



Eight ways to decorate your Beauty and The Beast celebration

  1. Use your trusted black sharpie to turn your white mugs into your very own ‘Chip’ mugs.  Perfect for a pre or post-cinema hot chocolate.


2. Type and print some popular phrases from the film and present in old photo frames on your food table.

Using frames in this way is a super easy way to decorate.

3. And don’t forget signs for any doors and areas around the home you don’t want your ‘guests’ wandering in to…


4. Use yellow or blue paper tablecloths (widely and cheaply available in supermarket party aisles) and gold disposable tableware for your themed table, either for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

5. Wrap a single rose in cellophane and decorate treat bags with paper red roses (available from many craft stores, for example, The Works and Hobbycraft).  In fact, the more red roses the better.

Perhaps you could leave a rose on their pillow with a little tag inviting them to join you at the cinema to watch the film?

6. For a more dramatic setting, drape red disposable tablecloths to form a theatrical setting for your themed tea.  Print a photo of the film and stick onto some royal blue card.


7. Turn simple yellow loot bags into Belle dresses using some double-sided tape, some yellow material (I used gold voile), some gold washi tape or ribbon and some paper roses.  For the boys, use blue loot bags decorated with a yellow or gold waistcoat and a red rose.


Fill with mini bags of popcorn, a drink and some sweet treats to enjoy during the film.


8. Rose tattoo anyone?  And they’re not just for your skin.  Remove the labels from your plastic drinks bottle and gently transfer a rose tattoo onto the surface.

Rose tattoos on empty smoothie bottles


Enjoy this enchanting tale.

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