Banana muffins

Banana muffins

Three sad bananas, abandoned in the fruit bowl.  All brown and unloved.  Time to put them to good use.  Banana muffins?  I’m in!

I’ve experimented with a few banana muffin recipes in the past and after some adjustments and additions here and there, this recipe is a winner.

Quick and easy to make and a good breakfast treat for the weekends.

And if I tell you that they contain ‘oats’ and ‘brown sugar’, then I’m probably trying to convince you that they’re a somewhat healthy option.  Am I winning?

They are delicious as is.  But I also love ‘banana and….’ muffins too.

Banana and … chocolate chip muffins

Banana and …  toffee muffins

Banana and …  blueberry muffins

Banana and … apple muffins (my absolute fav!  There’s a good chance I will lick all of these.  They’re all mine!)

But you can make them all.  Just add your favourite ‘banana and…’ sweet treat to the bottom of your paper case, spoon on your banana muffin mixture and add a few more ‘ banana and…’ treats to the top of your filled muffins before baking.

This allows you to create a variety of flavours in one batch.

Check out my recipe below or download a copy here Banana Muffin Recipe


  • This recipe makes 8-10 muffins.
  • Brown paper muffin cases are widely available in most large supermarkets.  They make these muffins look fabulous.
  • They’re best eaten the same day, but re-heat the next day and serve with warm custard or a scoop of vanilla ice-cream for a great pudding.

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