Back to school keepsake posters.  Free download

Back to school keepsake posters. Free download

I remember as a young child disliking sweetcorn and sifting it out of mixed veg on my plate.

I recall that my first, close primary school friend was a special little girl called Beth.

I recollect that my favourite toy from very young was my doll, Lisa (who, may I add, my brothers used to behead and play football with!  Still bitter…)

I quite like now and again reminding myself that I too was young once.  It’s heart-warming!  (We won’t mention my doll Lisa…)

All these little facts make up a whole beating heart full of childhood memories.  But it’s so easy to forget these little gems.

This week, I’ve updated the girls’ Back to School posters ready for their annual first-day-back-at-school-doorstep-photo.  They store these posters in their keepsake boxes and they enjoy reviewing them every year to see how much they’ve changed.  It’s good to reminisce, even at this young age.


A chalkboard-style poster for younger children and a whiteboard-style option with phone details for the eldest.


uncalendared heart

I created these posters in PowerPoint.  Below you can download to your desktop a copy of a similar template.

Now, I’m no graphic designer, so don’t get too critical now.

But hopefully it’s a good starting point as you add your own words and delete and add clipart images to suit your own Little Dude or Little Miss.

Save and print them at home onto A4.

Or for a great quality print, send to your local reprographics company to print them onto A3 paper.  If you’re doing this, simply save your document as a pdf file and email it across NB: Remember to save your document as a PDF file before emailing or taking it to a reprographic store in order to keep the formatting.

I hope this is of use to some of you.  Feel free to share this post if you think it’ll be helpful to others as well.

Wishing everyone a colourful last fews days of the summer holidays!

Download your BLACKBOARD poster template here: First day at school poster – BLACKBOARD template

Download your WHITEBOARD poster template here:First day at school posters -WHITEBOARD template

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