Calendared events: Birthdays.  Christmas. Anniversaries.  Most of us put a little bit of effort into these events. Perhaps we’ll buy a card, organise a party, give a gift or cook a special meal. Why do we do it? Because it makes those around us feel good.  Brings happiness.  It’s pretty cool eh!  But what about the rest of the year?
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Life can be all too encompassing and full of routine.  It’s nice just now and then to try to encourage that little bit of happiness that most of us experience during birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations, to spill over into the every day.  Uncalendared events.

Pull up a chair.  I have some explaining to do.

Back in 2005 I became a parent.  I have two Little Missies now.  I discovered early on in my parenting journey that I’m a strict parent.  It wasn’t the plan, but, it’s the parent I am.   I’m always harping on about something or other.  Do you know how many times a day I ask my eldest to close her mouth while she’s eating?   For me, I feel immense pressure to ensure that they turn into my idea of a ‘decent’ adult, so I’m willing to play bad-cop to ensure that they become the good people I want them to be.

Relentless parenting can be so draining.  And, oh man, I started to panic a bit.  Dilemma!  Our girls ROCK!  They’re cool Little Missies.  They ooze character.  But, when you’re tired, when you’re exhausted, when you’re relentlessly playing bad cop, it makes you miss a lot of amazing times and special moments.  I felt that I needed to counterbalance the harshness of parenting with a softer, more enjoyable side.  To enjoy them more!  Enjoy them, enjoying their childhood, something which, in the routine of the everyday, I felt that I was missing out on.

I wanted more times together that bubbled and fizzed with special memories.

When you look back on childhood, you don’t realise back then that you’re making memories; you’re just having fun.

I play a huge part in that for our girls. And I was worried that all they’d remember would be the nagging and raised voices (“Will you please, close, your mouth, when you are eating!!!”  Why is it not registering!? She’s nearly a teenager.  Same message, persistently, for close to 11 years)

So it started with the obvious: Birthdays.  I would go all out to make it an extra special day for them. Not necessarily with material things, but with a special celebration.  And it was a day for me to ease off the gas, step back and appreciate them in a more relaxed light.  I really enjoyed the break and it was a treasured memory.  But I also found that  I got a real buzz from organising birthday celebrations.   I realised that perhaps there was merit in organising some other special days when we could ‘celebrate’ in a similar fashion.  If I was going to be the strict parent, then I was going to counteract this with special times, to celebrate when we could and most importantly, to make a special memory when we could.  It kind of helps re-set my resolve.  That’s got to be cool!

I’ve shared some of our special times on social media and encouraging friends often say I should consider starting a business,which gives me the eebie jeebies quite frankly.  However, I have been asked on numerous occasions to help others think of special creative ideas to help make an occasion or simply a day trip special.  So this did get me thinking….perhaps I should do something…

So here we go.  With a blog. I’m experimenting!

We all do the parenting malarkey differently.  This is just my own journey.  I’m certainly not here to shout my worth or put pressure on anyone to add to the umpteen tasks we have to manage in the craziness of our everyday lives.  It’s here to share creative ideas and perhaps, who knows, inspire some creativity in those who follow.  Or maybe it’s just here to make you smile.  I’ll take that.  Perfect!

You’ll probably find that most of the jollies centre around my girls.  But it doesn’t have to stop at them. Sometimes it’s nice to share the joy with others.  Friends. Family. Yikes, even the husband gets a look in now and again (he’ll tell you otherwise, but he does ok!).  

A very dear friend bought me a notebook to brainstorm some creative ideas.  The front cover said “Do small things with great love”.  This struck a chord with me and is something that can bring nothing but happiness.  No genuine act of thoughtfulness is ever wasted and certainly shouldn’t be saved for the expected calendared events in our diaries.

Do small things with great love

So if you don’t mind, I’d love to start blogging about this ‘buzz’ I get from celebrating, particularly on those uncalendared days.  The days where you do something a little out of the ordinary, a little extra special to create a special memory for someone.

Please do come into my world.  I’m on a journey somewhere with this blog.  Hop on for the ride!  I’ve got to be honest, I’m pretty much winging it, just like I did with A-Level German, what I’m currently doing with parenting, and I certainly wing it every time I get my blusher out (I’ll never be able to apply it properly!), and winging it with WordPress has been somewhat interesting the last few years (why isn’t it more intuitive!)

Whether it be the expected calendared events such as birthdays, or just simply knuckling down to writing a special hand-written letter, my goal is simple; that, hopefully, through the sharing of thoughts, things I’ve made, things I’ve seen, that the blog inspires others to make someone’s day a little extra special, sometimes just with the smallest of touches.  Uncalendared.

I very much hope that you might find it …. [insert positive word that adds value to your world].  That is proper specialness!