A letter from The Palace (& other royal shenanigans)

A letter from The Palace (& other royal shenanigans)

Every now and then I dust down the Union Jack partyware, roll out the bunting and channel my inner Royalist.

Yes indeed.  We’re quite partial to a Royal celebration in our house.

Even our resident fairies, Tilly and Lexie, celebrated when Princess Charlotte was born back in May 2015 and again when The Queen turned 90 last April.

In fact, it’s this 90th birthday milestone which has encouraged a veritable pot-pourri of royal shenanigans these last few months, what with a Royal Fish ‘n’ Chips Supper by the river to celebrate Ma’am’s special birthday and a royal homemade pie here and there.

The eldest even made and sent Her Majesty a 90th birthday card with, genuinely, no expectations for a reply.

Well, fast forward 3 months and…move over junk mail; this doormat only accepts top-drawer correspondence from here on in!  This postmark truly had the power to make a little girl’s day.

It was time to celebrate!

So when The Palace sends your daughter one of these…

The next day, I send my girls one of these…


I didn’t have long to prepare this afternoon tea shindig, so at short notice the menu was kept quite simple with items that I mostly had in the fridge and cupboards.  I pretty much needed any finger food (that they would eat) in miniature form.



RSVPs received, glad rags and pearls on, tea pot out, the sun was shining and special correspondence was celebrated.


uncalendared heart

Organised at short notice, but a few little details here and there helped make this tea extra special.  You can do this too without Delia-ing in the kitchen for hours.


  • Add small flowers to your ice cube tray to include floral colour in an ice bucket.
  • Cake stencils are an easy way to decorate cakes which deserve to be kept simple in decoration. I picked up my pack of four stencils from The Works, but they are also cheaply available on good old Amazon or at craft shops.
  • By far, my favourite details were in the form of these drinks buddies.  Lizzie, Beth, Bessie and Betty were tip top tea dates and even joined in the cake sweats after overindulging in Victoria sponge.  I found these at the Accessorize sale with 50% off (£4.50).  Yet another purchase of mine which proves that not everything I buy is essential but often absolutely necessary.
  • I’m convinced that everything is cuter in mini form, so use any miniature containers you have to present your sweet and savoury treats.  These mini doilies were from The Works (£1 for 40) and made cute cones for popcorn.

So you too can organise a special Afternoon Tea at short notice with a few simple touches here and there. Enjoy!

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