8 cheap half-term ideas

8 cheap half-term ideas

It’s half-term.  No lunch boxes to make for a week.  Woo hoo!

But that also means that you need plans.  You need to get through the week, right?!

With a few little touches here and there, you can still make it through the week as friends #parentinggoals.  In fact, Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day and the start of Chinese New Year all fall during half-term break.  So lots of opportunity to get creative with your days.

Here are eight cheap and cheerful ideas to get those creative ideas flowing.

  1. Pancake Day – Tuesday 13th February

Create emoji faces on your pancakes with some food colouring pens.  These pens are great to have to hand and cheaply available through many eBay shops.



2. Valentine’s Day fun – Wednesday 14th February

Splash those heart sprinkles all over the day.  Heart-shaped sugar sprinkles are available in the baking aisle.  Add them to popcorn for your Valentine’s movie, or add to your hot chocolates or puddings for a loving treat.


Or fancy making heart-shaped pizzas?

Pre-made pizza dough (from the chilled aisle) is perfect for a quick lunch.

Simply cut to shape and add your favourite toppings.

Or how about some Crusha hearts for a Valentine’s Day milkshake treat?  Simply add a frozen, concentrated Crusha mix (1 part milk to 3 parts Crusha) to heart-shaped ice cube trays, freeze and add to a glass of milk.

Note: If you freeze undiluted Crusha, your ice-cubes will sink straight to the bottom and will not float.  Mix 1 part milk to 3 parts Crusha to create a concentrated mixture and then pour into your heart-shaped ice cube trays, then freeze.  This will ensure that your heart-shaped ice cubes float.

3. Re-create a coffee shop lunch at home

I love a coffee-shop-stop-off.  But it can work out quite expensive once you add that toastie and muffin to your small latte.  Try re-creating your own coffee shop treats at home.  You can even add authentic toastie timer noises.

Don’t have a panini press or sandwich maker at home? No probs! If you have a toaster, then grab yourself some toastie bags from Amazon.  These bags are great and ensure that the outside of the toastie is nice and crispy.  And they’re so cheap to buy.


4. Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog

Next Friday, February 16th sees the start of Chinese New Year celebrations.  It’s the Year of the Dog!

Celebrate with some dog-themed tea time treats.

Replace your usual cereal bowl with a (new) dog bowl.  It also makes a great popcorn bowl.

And if you don’t have a dog, why not join friends on their dog walk or sign up to www.borrowmydoggy.com to help out someone local with their dog walking activities.  It’s such a wonderful scheme.

5. Send someone a hug in the post

Who haven’t they seen in a while?  Perhaps someone deserves some smile mail to brighten their day.

Simply draw around a hand, decorate, and write your special message on one side.

Join each hand together with some ribbon, string or even one of those concertina origami thingy-me-bobs you used to make as a child.

Smile mail for Nanny, Grandad, a lovely cousin or that special friend you haven’t seen in a while.


6. Personalised snack bags for your day out

Buying snacks on your day out can work out expensive.  Use your Sharpies or felt pens to decorate some cheap and cheerful party bags and fill with some of their favourite snacks while out and about.  Cheap paper party bags are available from large supermarket party aisles or on Amazon.


These tic-tac sweet treats are easy to make by wrapping some plain paper around a tic-tac box.  They are ideal for a quick and easy game to play while out and about.

Or if you’re organising a surprise trip somewhere, why not leave some car journey snacks on their seat for them to guess where you’re off to?

Use cheap paper sandwich bags , decorate with felts and patterned hole punches (because you have these, right?)

And don’t forget to include the ‘driver’! Always keep the ‘driver’ happy.


7. DVD snack necklaces

Simply add your favourite ring-shaped snacks to a piece of string and tie at one end to create these snack necklaces. Perfect for munching while curled up on the sofa in front of their favourite movie.  Some more DVD night ideas here.


8. Earning pocket money

Do they fancy earning some extra money over the course of the week?  Any local vacancies you know of in your household?

Or have you spied them being good this week?

Whatever your plans for the week, have a great half-term.

Again, no lunchboxes.  Woo hoo!


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